Sleep Apnea Solutions (SAS) provides cost-effective solutions for payors.  Our model of testing to titration provides viable and accurate alternatives to expensive in-lab studies.  We are one of the best in the industry.

Cost—In most cases the cost of treating co-morbid conditions is significantly more expensive than even a full polysomnography (PSG).  However, our model provides those advantages at a fraction of the cost.  As a single provider solution, SAS globally bills for all services rendered, minimizing complications and simplifying the process for both payors and patients.

Patient Care—SAS is accredited by The Joint Commission, demonstrating our commitment to a higher standard of care.

Every patient is screened to ensure that patients with indications of other sleep disorders are studied in the lab, minimizing duplicate testing.  Our experienced staff educates patients on sleep apnea and its risk factors.  This substantial education results in a failure rate of less than 5% and a compliance rate (on PAP therapy) of more than 80%.  We also provide 24/7 toll-free telephone support.

We use several different devices and are always adding the latest technology to our available services.  Because we don’t use just one type of testing equipment, we have the flexibility to choose the device that best meets the patient’s needs.

Accuracy—All devices we use are validated for efficacy.  In addition, unlike many other devices on the market, ours are intuitive and patient friendly to use.  All studies are scored by a registered polysomnographic technician (RPSGT) and interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician.

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